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Child Sex Trafficking | Documentaries & PSA’s

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“The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth…”

― Aldous Huxley

When I started this post, it was with the aim to share a few documentaries I had recently been made aware of – and watched – about the about heartbreaking topic of child sex trafficking.

While doing research, I came to find countless others. Documentaries, stories, Ted talks – and more. So. Much. More.

We know that the stories we see are just a tiny portion of what is actually happening. And the fact that there are so many stories is a small indication of just how deep and pervasion this problem runs.

These documentaries and stories are told by survivors, rescuers, and investigators. Many of these are from non-profit organizations who rely on donations to do the precious work that they do. While these have been made freely available online, please consider visiting their official pages (linked below) and support them where or how you can.

This post includes both long format documentaries, as well as exposés and shorter clips. Although these survivor stories are difficult to hear and take in – as it can seem unbelievable that someone would do some of these things – as Blake Lively has said, “The least we can do, is hear their stories.”

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Silence is what the perpetrators want. It never helps the victim but only aids the perpetrator in keeping it unknown and undiscovered, out of awareness of the public mind.

I have listed them in no particular order. If there are any that you feel should be added please contact me on Parler or hello [at] and I’ll review it.

I have specifically chosen to leave out the #Pizzagate documentary, because I am working on a separate post just for it.

If possible, copy and share the videos below – you don’t know when it may be removed and scrubbed from the internet, which – as shocking as it sounds – actually happens. It is a depressing reality that these videos bringing attention to child sex crimes are removed in a bid to protect perpetrators.

This is not an extensive list. I’ve included one to two per category. For example there are so SO many documentaries and features on child sex abuse and trafficking in the catholic church that the other documentaries would be buried beneath them. So just know there is a lot out there an available if you take the time to look and find organizations who are providing this valuable information – often only for a meagre donation and in some cases behind a paywall or email sign up. A small price to pay for such significant work in a neglected industry.

If you take anything from this post I hope it’s the understanding of how widespread and pervasive an issue this is. It’s a problem from a community level with opportunistic paedophiles to the elite level of rings of child trafficking comprising politicians and celebrities. Some of the elite paedophiles have even infiltrated major organizations like the FBI, UNICEF and the UN. (It is claimed the UN employed 3300 paedophiles. ) I don’t support all of the sources or all of their opinions, but I believe in the work and don’t have to agree with all their political views or opinions in order to support this much needed and good work.

The video blurbs are copied from their original YouTube video or post and are not written by me. If there is any copyright infringement please contact me as soon as possible. I have taken care to list videos that are in the public domain and free to share.

Short videos

Pornhub Exposed as #Traffickinghub

What proof do we have that Pornhub is enabling and profiting from videos of rape and child sex trafficking? This video exposes what countless victims have suffered. Please help us share it with the world so we can SHUT. IT. DOWN. #Traffickinghub

Colorado Child Trafficking Survivor Reveals Horrifying Trafficking Ordeal

Jessa Crisp, a Colorado-based victim of child sex trafficking has come forward to reveal that police are many times instrumental in sex trafficking operation. To make matters even more hopeless for the woman, she was unable to report the abuse or go to the police because there were a number of police officers who were actually involved in the kidnapping and abuse. But she did not give up because she is STRONG. SHARE!

Captive No More: Horrifying Yet Heroic Story Of Surviving Child Sex Trafficking


Human Trafficking Documentary – Help Us Stop Child Sex Trafficking O.U.R.

Did You Know That Every 30 Seconds A Child Is Sold For Sex, Labor, Or Organ Harvesting…?

Human trafficking and child sex trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the United States…and the world doesn’t know. Help O.U.R. go to the darkest corners of the Earth to rescue children from sex slavery. We need your voice to spread the message that slavery still exists today and it’s time for the modern day abolitionists to stand up and say “NO MORE!”.

UNICEF USA: “I just wanted to die” — A Trafficked Child Speaks out

Help UNICEF end trafficking. Donate to UNICEF Today – In this video, you will learn about the thousands of kids in the United States that are trafficked and prostituted from a retired FBI agent as well hear from victims of sex trafficking. Anyone can be trafficked regardless of class, education, gender, or age when forcefully coerced or lured by false promises.

A victim of child sex trafficking – “My friend, she was really upset, because she was like I think he’s really going to be upset if we don’t have any money. And so we had to keep going in trucks and sometimes we would stop and we would cry. And I just wanted to die. And I started to think that maybe I deserve this for doing this to my parents and to myself.”

Greg Bristol, Retired FBI Special Agent – “If you think, “These aren’t OUR kids” you’re wrong. They are our kids. Our friends’ kids. Our neighbors’ kids. Kids with low self- esteem… or just looking to belong that are easy prey to pimps and traffickers.”

How to spot human trafficking | Kanani Titchen | TEDxGeorgeSchool

The numbers associated with human sex trafficking are staggering, but the lives of victims and survivors are what stay with us. In this talk, Kanani Titchen M.D. reveals her experiences as a physician whose interactions with trafficked patients opened her eyes to a parallel world previously unseen.

She has authored numerous articles for medical journals and for the lay press about US child sex trafficking and physician education, and she has advocated for sex trafficking survivors at the United Nations and at the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Ida’s Story – Human Trafficking


Across the UK this remains an unseen issue that we are committed to tackling and have joined forces with Century Films this Red Nose Day to create a short video to raise its profile. Currently, Comic Relief is funding 10 projects that tackle trafficking in the UK.

Just £20 could pay for an hour’s one-to-one support for a trafficking survivor struggling to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. If you would like to help us tackle issues such as trafficking, there are lots of ways to get involved and make a difference.
Our mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment.

Child Trafficking Survivor Story!!

This young girl was taken from her home when she was only six years old and brought to another country where she was forced to beg for money. She heard of whispers on the street about a place called ZOE. The other trafficked children told her if she could get to ZOE, she would be safe.

At 13, she decided to run away from human traffickers. She remembered the last time she disobeyed them, which led to beatings and blood. Despite her fear, she ran to the police who then brought her to us at ZOE International. Before she escaped, she promised a friend she would help rescue her too, which is what ZOE helped her do.

This is one of many child trafficking survivor stories out there. You can be part of the change and help ZOE rescue more child trafficking victims by donating at

Escaping the Pain of Human Trafficking | Markie Dell | TEDxDownsviewWomen

Markie Dell, human trafficking survivor, recounts her experience and her journey healing through the trauma. After trying to reclaim her life, it was the unusual advice from a friend that lead to her healing.

Coding Against Sex Trafficking

Recent UC Berkeley doctoral graduate, Rebecca Sorla Portnoff, uses her computer security know-how to help catch sex traffickers. She creates computer codes that help identify similarities in traffickers’ online ads and find the Bitcoin accounts they use to buy the ads. Since graduating in 2017, Rebecca has been working for THORN: Digital Defenders of Children, an organization that builds technology to fight sexual abuse of children.

Human Trafficking Education for Nurses

Eighty percent of human trafficking victims are seen by a medical professional while under the care of their trafficker—and 60 percent of victims are brought to the emergency department.

“I can identify on some very small level with a human trafficking victim. I was sexually exploited by my father my entire childhood. I was also physically abused and emotionally abused,” said Christy Ivie, president and founder of Christy’s Cause.

Today, through an organization called Christy’s Cause, Christy Ivie works to eradicate child sex trafficking through awareness and education.

“I remember the doctor looking at me, looking at my father, looking at me, and looking at my father and on the inside, I was just begging, please ask me some questions,” – Christy.

Lee Health established a human trafficking policy in 2016—recently, Lee Health partnered with Christy’s Cause to teach nurses how to recognize and respond to signs of human trafficking. “There’s a lot of general education out there about human trafficking but there wasn’t anything really specific for nursing and what you can do when you’re standing in the hospital room, and you think you have a patient who is a victim of trafficking, what are the steps you take,” said Wolff.

Teaching health experts what to look for and how to make a report can hopefully empower nurses to intervene if they see something wrong. Awareness that can potentially rescue victims from human trafficking.


Saving Children from Human Trafficking | DoGooders | HelloGiggles

Operation Underground Railroad is an organization that rescues children from the child abuse happening in human trafficking across the globe. The child trafficking ring is a global problem and these men volunteered their time and energy in saving children from the abuse they’ve endured. Watch and learn how you can help.

UNICEF USA: A Mother’s Story – 5.5 Million Children are Victims of Trafficking

Human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states in the U.S. The U.S. is a source, destination, and transit point for trafficking victims. In this video, a mother tells her child’s story as a victim of sex trafficking.

She started college in September and she was struggling to just find a person to attach to. It didn’t take very long for the streets to really swallow her up. He befriended her and gained her confidence and then it turned bad. The fear that the pimp puts in a trafficked kid is unbelievable.

She was working 18 to 20 hours a day. There’s no question about what the consequences are if they don’t come back and if they don’t have the money they’re supposed to have. People need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they’re being taken off the street and put into bondage. – Jamie C., Mother of a Survivor

Learn more about what you can do to help end trafficking and view human trafficking statistics here –

Rebecca Bender’s Story – Human Trafficking Survivor

This is my story – Rebecca Bender of the Rebecca Bender Initiative.

Her story of inspiration brings to light the reality of our broken world. Rebecca is not only a survivor of domestic Sex Trafficking, she is now an award-winning speaker, author, and leader in the movement to eradicate modern day slavery.

Markie’s Story – Human Trafficking Awareness Day

At 19, Markie was recruited by a female ‘friend’ into human trafficking. It took several attempts for her to leave and rebuild her life. Hear her story to learn more.

If you suspect Human Trafficking call local police or the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-833-900-1010

DeliverFund in the News: Fox News San Antonio

DeliverFund’s approach differs from many anti-human trafficking organizations and focuses on eliminating the source behind the trafficking, instead of primarily on the victim.

To find out more about how DeliverFund is countering human trafficking, visit

Christy’s Cause Child Sex Trafficking PSA


A21 and NCMEC teamed up on the Can You See Me campaign to increase awareness that child sex trafficking is happening in plain sight. Victims of child sex trafficking are everywhere. Would you recognize the signs? Can you see them?

NCMEC has received reports of child sex trafficking from every state in the U.S. PSA brought to you in partnership with A21 and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Destiny Rescue

Survivor of Juvenile Sex Trafficking Shares Her Story

A woman who was a trafficked in Detroit as a juvenile describes how she was tricked into the life, how she got out with the help of law enforcement, and how she is now pursuing her dreams of becoming a nurse and helping others.

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation YT Channel

Long Format Documentaries


Child sex trafficking expose’ documentary, Contraland, filmed by the Veterans of non-profit organization Veterans For Child Rescue. V4CR exposes the multi-billion dollar industry of child sex trafficking, alerting the populace on the epidemic and how you can empower and safeguard all children.

Paedophiles in Parliament (2018)

Journalist and Broadcaster Sonia Poulton explores the history of paedophile allegations in British Parliament.

Sonia Poulton –

Conspiracy of Silence (1993)

Conspiracy of Silence is a 56-minute unreleased documentary film produced by Yorkshire Television in 1994. The subject of the film is an alleged child sexual abuse ring involving a number of prominent Nebraska persons, including Lawrence King, an Omaha banker, political fundraiser, and convicted felon.

TELL NO ONE (2019) | Full Documentary Movie by Tomasz Sekielski | English Subtitles

The independent documentary movie by Tomasz and Marek Sekielski brothers. This is truth about the Catholic Church in Poland. “Tell No One,” a film financed through a crowdfunding campaign, was released on YouTube

PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK (2020) – Documentary Film of the Sekielski Brothers (cc EN)

This film was 100% crowd-funded. Only this funding model ensures full independence for us as creators. We are still working on several new documentary films, including one on the subject of Pope John Paul II’s role in covering up crimes of clergymen, as well as one on the subject of organized embezzlement, the so-called ‘SKOK affair’.

Creators: Tomasz Sekielski, Marek Sekielski

Overcoming Elite Child Sex Slavery & Pedophilia – Anneke Lucas

In this 4 part series, we speak with Anneke Lucas as she describes her riveting story of growing up as a sex slave to high profile politicians. She reveals how things operate, her in depth story, and an incredibly important underlying message of global healing we can all go through as the widespread reality of this becomes more clear to humanity.

The Church: Code of Silence (Corrupt Priest Documentary) | Real Stories

Secret internal documents reveal how church officials have protected priests accused of pedophilia by moving them from country-to-country, sometimes as far away as to Africa. They call it ‘the geographical solution’. Even Pope Francis is implicated. When he was bishop of Buenos Aires, he tried to influence the Argentinean justice system in order to protect a convicted priest.

From Cameroon to Argentina, America to France and Italy, this investigation traces the transfers of paedophile priests.

Sins of the Father (2002)

The origin of the greatest crisis in the history of the US Roman Catholic Church: the church hierarchy stands accused of knowingly harbouring practising paedophiles.

Phil Saviano was abused and now runs the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests, or SNAP. “We were performing sex on him… masturbation, oral sex… performing on the priest in the church”. The problem for the Catholic Church world-wide is that it paedophile priests have been protected, rather than subject to civil law like anyone else. Bishop John Kinney admits that US priests haven’t enforced their own rules on molestation.

Fall From Grace: When priests prey and bishops betray (2018)

Fall From Grace” is an investigation of the Buffalo Catholic Diocese by the 7 Eyewitness News I-Team.

Damning documents from a church whistleblower formed the basis of a three-part series on Bishop Richard J. Malone, which proved Malone returned an accused child abuser to ministry and recommended he work with children; allowed another accused priest to remain pastor of a wealthy parish; and deceived the faithful by hiding the “real” abuse list — containing more than 100 priests — from the public.

Unforgivable | The priest sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston says it will release its list of priests accused of child sex abuse this month, joining all Texas dioceses and a growing number around the country as a way to grapple with the priest sex abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church for decades. But those impacted by the crisis fear the list will not reveal all the abuse. These are their stories. More at

Human Trafficking: Out In The Open – Home page

Rappler Talk: Child sex trafficking in the digital world

Rappler talks to Paulene Santos, Plan International’s campaign and advocacy manager, to discuss the findings of the study and what must be done by the government and civil society to curb the commercial sex industry.

More on

Exposing Jeffrey Epstein’s international sex trafficking ring | 60 Minutes Australia

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal – Tara Brown reports how a New York billionaire masterminded an international sex trafficking ring of young women, and why wealthy and powerful men, including HRH Prince Andrew, are now implicated in the saga.

Invisible: A Fight to End Human Trafficking Documentary

Human trafficking is a global issue that includes our own cities. Visit Place of Hope’s website at to see what Place of Hope is doing and additional educational videos. Discover how you can do your part to protect family, friends and the community by seeing the invisible.

Crushing Evil – Eliminating Human Trafficking In The US

DeliverFund is a nonprofit organization founded and staffed by former elite intelligence operators from the CIA, NSA, FBI, Delta Force and Navy SEALs who bring their experience in counterterrorism to bear on the human trafficking industry. They hunt human traffickers and make the business of human trafficking risky for the trafficker by equipping, training and advising law enforcement so they can bring traffickers to justice.

Notable mentions

RELEASED IN 2011, NEFARIOUS: MERCHANT OF SOULS is a hard-hitting documentary that exposes the disturbing trends of modern-day sex slavery. From its very first scene, Nefarious provides an in-depth look into the human trafficking industry, showing where slaves are sold (often in developed, affluent countries), where they work, and where they are confined.

With footage shot in over nineteen countries, Nefarious looks through the eyes of both the enslaved and their traffickers to expose the nightmare of sex slavery as experienced by hundreds of thousands of people each day. Nefarious also features expert analysis from international humanitarian leaders and captures the gripping, triumphant testimonies of survivors. It is through these true stories of survival that we galvanize hope and vision.

From initial recruitment to victim liberation,—and everything in between—the previously veiled underworld of sex slavery is uncovered in the groundbreaking, tell-all Nefarious: Merchant of Souls.

Blake Lively Gives Emotional Speech on Child Pornography

Introduced by actress Salma Hayek, Lively spoke of her work with Child Rescue Coalition, which seeks to eradicate child pornography from the Internet, as well as examples of the horrors of exploitation of trafficking of child pornography.

“I didn’t really know what child pornography as,” she told the audience. “I was afraid to ask what it was, as a mother, because it would be painful to hear. But I felt I had to ask, and I wanted to share with you. It is the truth, and I believe if we all knew this, we would dedicate much more of ourselves to stopping it.”

Sam Harris: Making Sense with Sam Harris #213 – The Worst Epidemic (August 3, 2020)

In this episode the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Gabriel Dance about the global epidemic of child sexual abuse.

Personally I found this the most disappointing. I have been a long-time listener to Sam Harris’ podcast and find he goes quite deep into topics his guests. But this was not the case with the Gabriel Dance episode. Rather than going into detail about the well-documented evidence of child sexual abuse – specifically of the complicity of BigTech, they rather speculated on what the reasons could be, trying to explain it away with such things as “understaffed” etc.

Human Trafficking -The Signs

Human trafficking is the illegal recruitment, transportation or hiding of someone for the purpose of exploiting them. Human trafficking includes labour and prostitution. Prostitution on the streets is known as ‘the game’.

Tips for Parents and Guardians:

  • Stay informed about your child’s social and school life.
  • Talk to your child about inappropriate requests from people they do not know.
  • Make the effort to know the people/friends involved with your child (not just their nicknames).
  • Monitor their social media accounts and set rules for their online activity.
  • Stay current with apps and social sites your child is using.
  • Educate your child on healthy social and romantic relationships and how to identify abusive ones.

Other Recommend blogs & sites:


There is a lot of information out there if one is willing to look for it.

There are also a lot of people that don’t want you to see this information. As the notorious #pizzagate documentaries have shown, many witnesses and whistleblowers have died after exposing famous celebrities and politicians.

I hope this will help in the spread of this information and the awareness of how much paedophilia there is going on in the world. But also to spread how much good there is being done by some amazing people risking their lives to rescue these children.

Silence is complicity. Speak now or surrender your ground. ― Michelle Malkin