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How to become successful

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Scott Adams’ podcast CoffeeWithScott  is a wealth of practical advice. From regular micro-lessons on persuasion and how to be successful, to reframing events in your life and current political events, and changing your mood. It is packed with humor and I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

He never ceases to amaze and is an endless supply of red pills. He has changed my whole mindset and probably will change yours.

These 8 tips on how to succeed in anything come from episode (#1040) of the podcast.

Scott goes over his points in a little more detail on his podcast episode. I suggest listening to it for a full appreciation of each one of the points. 

He says that if you follow these points you will succeed and do well. Though the multivariable chaotic nature of the world and individual uniqueness is not lost on Scott as he says “everyone never means everyone” (in general).

Scott Adams’ 8 points to succeed in anything and do well

  1. Focus on useful education
  2. Stay out of legal trouble
  3. Stay away from drugs
  4. Don’t become a parent too soon
  5. Build a talent stack
  6. Be “useful” to others
  7. Favor systems over goals
  8. Learn basic risk management


A commenter on the video pointed out that it would be indispensable to communicate well and effectively. Scott agreed but pointed out that it would be crucial for any good talent stack as well. 

Some of these points are similar to the Brookings findings study which Ben Shapiro frequently cites as the steps to get out of poverty  and up into the middle class. (Ben Shapiro is  a media executive, bestseller author and the youngest nationally syndicated columnist, he is also an attorney and all round logic machine.)

According to Brookings, there are three simple rules poor teens should follow to join the middle class.

  1. At least finish high school, 
  2. get a full-time job
  3. wait until age 21 to get married and have children.


How to become successful: simple steps to increase your chance of success

I’d say the biggest change you can make to your life now –  that wouldn’t seem like it but it will – is to change your mindset to one of self-belief and looking for opportunities. 

Luck does play a big part (which is something I will write about in a separate post). But you don’t get the opportunity of luck or capitalise on luck by sitting and complaining about how unchangeable your situation is.

In his podcast, Scott frequently goes through the concepts of a talent stack, or working with systems over goals and of risk management and being useful to others (power or reciprocity), in more detail in the form of micro lessons. 

I have only just started incorporating these into my life, and already the effects have been profound.

As neurosurgeon Benjamin Carson has said:

Successful people don’t have fewer problems. They have determined that nothing will stop them from going forward.

For more on risk management you might want to pick up some of these books on amazon.

Our grandiose culture of entitlement and lifestyles of relative ease has led to a pessimistic and despondent attitude among many which does nothing for their upward mobility and a culture which lacks personal responsibility. Black-pilled and a cocktail of nihilism will not get anyone anywhere.

Most people are their own biggest stumbling block.

I hope you found this valuable or that can pass it on to someone who needs it.