Lose weight and keep it off

Lose weight with these Top 10 Tips with Greg Doucette

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Greg Doucette, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and World Record-Holding Powerlifter, is a recent phenomenon in the bodybuilding/strength training YT space. He gives away tons of free factual information from training, how to lose weight, balancing cardio as a strength athlete or bodybuilder, and PEDs. He does so in a humorous, but genuine way.

But the biggest reason I like him is that he is the most transparent and open about his past and present shortcomings.  He has the most honest discussions on drug use in the industry – including his own. Something lacking in the industry in general. 

Regardless of what side you are on about PEDs, his channel is extremely informative and speaks to both audiences (users and non-users of PEDs). He talks more about their negatives than their positives and cautions against them – but without being dishonest and playing down the massive changes that occur if you choose to go down that route. Every discussion around them involves encouraging you to rather reach your genetic potential naturally, and research all of the risks first before using – making sure you are completely informed.

My position on drug use is neutral. I used to be completely against them but listening to people like Mark Bell and Stan Efferding has made me simply neutral and non-judgmental about them even though they are not for me.

You can watch his video here. Most fans love his personal shouting style.

Fun fact Greg and his girlfriend have a pet pig! 🐖  

I’ve transcribed the points and kept it simple – for more elaboration and context watch his video – I’ve linked the timestamps to each topic for ease.

Top ten tips on what to do every single day to not only help you lose weight but to keep it off. 

“If you do these ten tips you’re going to lose weight and you’re going to keep it off even if you only do half. Still going to work. Simple tips that everyone can do.”



Consider getting his cookbook The Ultimate Anabolic Cookbook.


I hope this has helped you lose more weight than last time!



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