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Red Pill Advice | When to take advice & when to reject it

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I’ve been following Rollo Tomassi and reading his essays or several years, learning about Hypergamy and sexual dynamics. Rollo’s  praxiology for understanding sexual dynamics is revolutionary – it will probably be the most accurate and most insightful stuff you’ll ever read when it comes to gender relations. This post centers around receiving advice and feedback – who you should and shouldn’t listen to, and when to take it seriously and when to reject it.

Rule Zero are YouTube live streams where Rollo and several other prominent red pill content creators get together to discuss certain themes from Rollo’s theoretical framework and current events as well as their own experiences.

In this post I transcribe their thoughts to one question that came up, around taking advice. Any errors are my own. Watch the video to see their reply’s in full. The three men are Rollo Tomassi, John and Rich Cooper.

Rule Zero Mini: Does anyone encourage you to succeed?

You can watch the video here.

Red Pill advice from John

“How many people told you;

‘it’s a bad idea’?

‘this is the best job your ever going to have’

‘x partner is the best you can do’

Choose the most difficult path – Roosh

…I now use stupid people as a barometer for ideas.

Everybody told me…

‘you could never do that’

‘it will fail’

‘it won’t work out’

‘thats a really bad idea’

‘its impossible’

all these things I’ve accomplished would NEVER be possible if I listened to these fucking dummies. So yeah, when people tell me it’s a bad idea and I look at their life I’m like okay, fat, loser, makes less than 6 figures a year doesn’t take care of himself, jerks off to porn on the regular. Solid, if this guy says it’s a bad idea then I must absolutely do it.”

 Red Pill Advice from Rich Cooper

when someone is offering you advice you always want to ask yourself,  would you trade places with them?… If the answer is not then their advice is garbage. 

“Some of the most successful people were told their ideas would never work.”

 Red Pill Advice from Rollo Tommasi

“…I noticed when I made myself my mental point of origin…I did better in those situations than when I did what I was ‘supposed’ to do. Not what people were telling me to do.”

“Most people don’t trust themselves enough to make changes for themselves.” – Rollo

When To Accept Advice

Being open to advice is an important ingredient for self-mastery but you still have to have a heuristic to sort through what is actually good advice and what is not, and what will work for your unique situation. 

Think through the advice you have taken in your past and acted on and consider what thought processes were backing them. A lot of people never apply critical thinking to accepting advice. Being swayed passively by what ‘sounds good’ or what feels good based on emotion or trust towards an arbitrary authority. Be open to feedback but have a system for evaluating it, before acting on it or spending too much time mulling over it. 

I strongly recommend reading the essays of Rollo Tomasi on his website, .The Rational Male. Be prepared to get lost for hours on end in the rabbit hole of his writings, and be prepared to have everything you thought you knew about sexual dynamics changed forever.

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Interested in learning more about red pill? I highly recommend Rian Stone’s YouTube channel. I think he is the best at succinctly distilling the content of the red pill and explains it in the most relatable ways through his video series.