Pedophiles in the news

What I Learnt From Doing Daily Updates Of Pedophiles In The News For 75 Days In A Row

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I had no idea how pervasive the problem of pedophilia was. I knew that pedophiles were a minority of any given population and was aware of how mainstream media and the entertainment industry have been sexualizing minors and protecting pedophiles. I decided to look up in the news how prevalent pedophilia and was shocked. I didn’t know how common and widespread the problem actually is!

While there are some amazing organizations spreading awareness of pedophilia and child sex trafficking, there didn’t seem to be anyone who was sharing just how pervasive pedophilia is – and not just in one country, worldwide.

I decided to start compiling all the online news articles from the previous 24 hours into one round-up post to share daily.

How I Did Them

I’m still trying to figure out an optimal system but at the moment it is very time consuming.

I open multiple tabs with specific keywords and phrases, filtering by latest 24 hours or last day updates. I also search some of the same terms in different search engines give different results sometimes. I use at minimum two different search engines, as some of the results in one don’t show in the other.

I use different spellings because different countries use different spellings and it makes a big difference to what comes up. For example, ‘paedophile’ is used in the UK and India, whereas the US uses ‘pedophile’. I am limited to English news.

Problems encountered

Some news sites keep their content behind a paywall which is terrible.

I understand that businesses need to make a profit but when it comes to alerting people about a pedophile escaping from prison, or missing children, or a recent pedophile arrest – I think these should not be kept behind a paywall.

This is information that can prevent further abuse, and can help with either catching these predators or protecting children who would be more at risk. I feel it should be a social obligation and a corporate responsibility to freely make this information available.

I find it unconscionable that knowing you have the information of a pedophile in a specific neighborhood, that you hide it behind a paywall and therefore choose to put children at risk.

Some sites refuse to let you view the content without disabling ad blockers. I feel the same about these sites as the news sites who use paywalls.

As I mentioned earlier, I am limited to news articles in English as I only speak English.

I will occasionally duplicate a story that appeared on another news site on a different day. It was difficult to keep track of all the stories and not duplicate anything.

What is possibly the most important difficulty I experienced, was just how much time it took. There was just so much almost every single day, it took around 2 hours on average every day to compile these posts. And this is only the tips of the iceberg – there is so much that isn’t even reported on.

What I’ve learned from doing the daily roundups of pedophiles in the news

A common view of pedophiles is of someone who looks at photos of children. It is far, far, worse. It involves penetration of young children, even toddlers and babies (some even just a few months old). Some pedophiles will force children to perform bestiality, as well as very sick ‘games’ and torture – leading to death in some cases.

Pedophiles often do not feel remorseful. In fact they often feel arrogant and even entitled to abuse children.

High rates of recidivism. In some instances, a pedophile who raped a child or toddler will only get a couple or few years in prison – meaning they are out soon and offending again. Pedophilia has the highest recidivism rates of all crime and mental disorders.

Judges will often give convicted pedophiles light sentences on the grounds that he/she believes the pedophile won’t do it again. This makes these judges complicit in the abuse of children, as they know that pedophiles have the highest rates of recidivism.

Pedophiles will often ignore local laws that, for example, require them to keep their details updated on a registry, and will then move to an area near schools.

Pedophiles will often stalk parks and schools even after being convicted. Pedophiles are constantly trying to get close to children. They will often choose work that gives them access such as teachers. And some of these pedophiles will even get good references after prison, and once again work with children.

Some pedophiles will actively seek out a single parent with a child, in order to get close to the child to abuse. Some pedophiles are fathers – abusing their own or other children.

And in some cases both parents (or a parent and their parent) are involved in sexually abusing the child, or prostituted their child to pedophiles in exchange for money to buy drugs.

In one case, there was even a transgender pedophile, who abused children as both their biological gender, and also their identified gender.

Predators use social media heavily to find and ‘groom’ children.

Social media and porn sites are used to share the videos of rapes – even of babies less than one year old – involving penetrative sex.

In some cases, the police damaged or lost evidence, leading to the courts having to dismiss the case. There have also been cases where the police deliberately chose not to investigate reported cases of pedophilia.

Going forward

I don’t want parents to be paranoid but hope that this does raise awareness of the need to be very careful who you trust your children with and the dangers of online child exploitation.

The single biggest take away I hope readers take from this, is just how common the problem is. It is bigger than most people realize.

If you have any suggestions please contact me on Parler.

I do hope in future to set up a collaborative system where people from around the world can contribute to an open document. But for now I just wanted to share the mission of why, how, and what I’ve learned in doing this.

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